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Semi Truck, Dry Van Trailer, and Refrigerated Trailer Rentals in Kamloops

At Elite Leasing, a business in Kamloops BC that specializes in heavy equipment leasing, we can help business owners get into the transportation industry. We know that this industry is both enormous and highly competitive. It encompasses any business that moves people, animals, or goods by land, water, or air. Whether that's shipping a Christmas gift by air or ground to your relative in Ontario, taking the local bus or train to get around town, or getting an order of supplies shipped to your office (by tomorrow morning!), millions are employed and millions of businesses exist because of the need to get these people or items from point A to B. At Elite Leasing, we can help with getting you the equipment you need to get into many parts of this industry. Today we're going to write about trucking, but contact us if you have questions about needing help with other parts. With the high competition and speed of even just trucking goods, it's important to be able to finance a good quality semi truck with a dry van or refrigerated (reefer) trailer right when you need it.

When you consider that 80% of consumer goods are carried by the trucking industry, you get a better idea of how important it is. Parcel delivery services like Purolator or Canada Post, trucking companies like Schneider National, truck rental businesses like Amerco (known for U-Haul), and even cross-country bus routes that offer package delivery (Greyhound, for example) are all players in that percentage. There are many well established companies in this industry who do their jobs well, so if you want to get your chunk of it, you should be ready to move your fleet fast once you open for business.

There are many ways into the transportation industry – but for now we'll talk about semi trucks and a couple of types of trailers we can help you lease:

Semi Truck

We've all seen these before. A semi trailer truck is a combination of a tractor truck carrying a semi-trailer. Depending on the power of the truck, different lengths, types, and numbers of trailers can be pulled. Our experienced team can work with you to help you lease a truck. Whether you are a driver or a business owner in need of a truck, we will work with you.

Dry Van Trailer

This is the most common semi-trailer for freight transportation. It is an enclosed space, which give you many benefits over a flatbed trailer. Because of being enclosed, your freight is protected from any weather and road conditions. This means you can have high confidence that your shipment will arrive in good, dry condition. An enclosed truck gives you protection from theft that a flatbed can't.

Refrigerated Trailer (Reefer)

Refrigerated trailers are good to have on hand. Along with all the benefits of a dry van trailer, they have the added functionality of being cold. With high demand for fresh goods like produce, this type of trailer will give you the ability to transport perishable items. Many businesses have found that refrigerated loads tend to be a long haul – and long hauls are higher profit.

Our team at Elite Leasing will help you lease a semi truck and trailer. If the bank says no, we will say yes – and we will explore every possible avenue to find a way to get you on the road. If you have questions about leasing, visit our FAQ page, How To Apply page, or contact us by phone or email. We're happy to help out!

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