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Elite Leasing Deals with All of your Excavator Needs

Our Kamloops based business, Elite Leasing has been leasing excavators and other equipment to the construction, logging, mining, and other industries for over 25 years. We have experience getting excavators for businesses when the bank says no. Excavators come in many different shapes and sizes. In the world of these diggers the smallest and largest on the planet are made by Caterpillar (the CAT 300.9D and the CAT 6090). Elite can help you lease these two diggers and everything in between – from every company.

With their different attachments, these excavating machines become indispensable pieces of equipment when you're trying to dig into the ground. Here are some typical uses for excavators and the type you might need to get the job done.

Home Renovations

When you're planning to do a home reno to add a new room or build a deck, you might need a mini excavator for the foundation work. A shovel might do the job, but that would be a lot of work! If the excavator you're using has a breaker attachment, you can use it to break through concrete that needs to be moved as well. And in the end, if you need an area graded, the backfill blade can be used to effectively level out the ground of your work area.


Much like home renovations, landscaping usually only requires a mini excavator like the John Deere 26G or the Bobcat E20. However, large scale landscaping jobs could require a large excavator like the Hitachi ZX290LC-5. Landscaping work is made easy with the right size of excavator.


For the construction industry, depending on the work being done, small to large excavators like the CAT 313F or the Komat'su PC360LC-10 might be needed. These machines are much heavier with larger bucket capacities. They're able to dig holes quickly for setting foundations and can more easily move a lot of dirt into a new area or the back of a dump truck.

Forestry and Logging

In Foresty, excavators aren't always used for digging. They're usually larger machines with specialized attatchments on the end of the arm – instead of a shovel. An example is the Komat'su PC390LL-10. These excavators and their various attachments can be used for cutting trees, lifting downed trees, bundling them together, moving them, and loading them into logging trucks. There would be an incredible amount of manual labour involved in forestry if it weren't for these specialized excavators.

Quarry and Earthmoving

The use case of an earthmoving excavator is self-explanatory, so there's not much to say here. Earthmoving excavators are powerful, like the Liebherr R 966 Litronic. They're slightly larger than an average large excavator so they can move a lot of dirt. They are used in quarrys, mines, and other earthmoving operations to do exactly that – move earth.


Mining excavators are the biggest you can find. These machines, like the Hitachi EX5500-6, get close to the walls in open pit mines and pick up huge amounts of dirt to drop into haul trucks.

We are happy to lease an excavator for you and your company. If you have questions, check out our FAQ page. If you can't find your answer there, give us a call at 250-574-9185 or visit our contact page to send us an email!

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Elite Leasing Deals with All of your Excavator Needs

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